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Community Acupuncture

Welcome to GW Community Acupuncture!

What is community acupuncture, you ask? Community acupuncture is a style of practice that takes place in a large open space in a group setting. What?

Acupuncture in a group? Yep, that’s right! And it’s just as comfortable as receiving  acupuncture in a private room. Little to no skin is revealed and, should more access become necessary, the space is equipped with privacy curtains not unlike a hospital room, but cozy and welcoming.

This style of treatment allows us to provide acupuncture at a much lower fee making it both accessible and affordable. Less money equals less care, right? Not in this case! At the moment, our healthcare system isn’t as great, and we hope it will become. Don’t fret, we’re here to help. By providing care in a setting that’s welcoming, efficient, and able to successfully address a myriad of issues we’re able to help fill the gaps in healthcare. From insomnia, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, musculoskeletal pain, nerve pain, menopausal symptoms, and headaches, acupuncture helps, it truly does, and community acupuncture makes it easier than ever to be seen, heard, and treated.

It's Affordable, It’s Safe, and It’s Efficient!

This has already been established, but it bears repeating! When acupuncture is affordable it makes getting acupuncture and the benefits of acupuncture even more powerful. Many community acupuncture patients get treated 2, sometimes 3 times per week because they can and why not!

Acupuncture is a very safe treatment and in the community acupuncture setting it’s no different. As a patient new to acupuncture you’ll be able to observe others receiving and relaxing during their treatment. Getting to see the process in action can be very reassuring and invariably put your mind at ease so you too can indulge in the coveted “acunap”.

Licensed acupuncturists treating in community acupuncture practices are kind, empathic, and most importantly super-efficient. They’ll welcome you, make you feel comfortable, listen to your story, and get to work treating the whole you! We are very excited to invite you to experience community acupuncture, we’re also very excited to partner with you on your health and wellness journey.

You matter, your health matters, we know this, YOU are the reason we created this space! Now, make an appointment and let us help you Simply Feel Better!!!

Office Hours and Fees

Until our schedule begins to fill, we’ll be primarily treating on Saturday’s. Please see the hours outlined below. Once things are up and running, we’ll add hours on Thursdays and continue to expand our availability accordingly.

Our flat fee is $45 per community acupuncture treatment. What a deal! Due to limited staffing all patients are required to keep a valid credit card on file.

Community Acupuncture Hours

Saturday: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Thursday: Coming Soon!

Community Acupuncture Fees

$45 per treatment

Our community acupuncture space does not submit to insurance and we do not provide superbills. This space is a self-pay practice only.

If you have any questions about community acupuncture, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

(646) 483-3086 Directions Contact/Schedule