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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture Services

The body inherently wants to be balanced. In fact, every second of every day our body is working toward homeostasis. Sometimes, however, the body, when littered with stress hormones, inflammatory markers, and a variety of other issues compromising balance, the system requires a sort of reboot. This is where the TCM acupuncture services shine. Harmonizing the left with the right, the top with the bottom, the energy with the blood, and on and on.

If you’re interested in learning about the fascinating and complex nature of TCM we recommend reading The Web That Has No Weaver, by Ted Kaptchuk.

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Neurofunctional / Contemporary Medical Acupuncture / Dry Needling

This style of acupuncture is relatively new in comparison to the ancient origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Its elegant design is meant to tackle pain patterns from several angles simultaneously. It considers the location of the pain, the surrounding structures, and tissues, trigger points, in addition to the origin and innervation of the nerves involved. Of all the potential pain protocols this style of electric stimulation acupuncture is best designed for long-lasting pain relief. We are well known for dry needling acupuncture services in New York.

Auricular (ear) Acupuncture

The ear is loaded with nerves. Two specific nerves are focused when treating via the ear, i.e. the vagus and the trigeminal nerve. Stimulating these nerves has a powerful effect on the central nervous system. In the US most heart attacks occur due to stress. Hence, if you’re looking to relieve stress, Auricular acupuncture treatment packs a powerful punch. We use thin needles for stress management with Acupuncture.


We like to incorporate cupping into many treatments, but most commonly it is used in conjunction with electric stimulation acupuncture when treating pain. Cupping has two benefits.  First, it serves as a diagnostic road map by revealing the severity of blood stagnation in the superficial muscle tissue. &  second, it releases that stagnate blood allowing the body to rebuild and reestablish blood circulation within the muscles vasculature.

We use state-of-art technology and a comprehensive range of acupuncture services at GenWell Acupuncture to give a better experience to our patients.

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