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Rates & Insurance

Acupuncture treatments are performed at GenWell Acupuncture in a private practice setting. Treatments conducted at this facility are either billed to insurance or as self-pay according to the following fees: $175 initial (new patient) treatment, or $125 follow-up (existing patient) treatment.

We currently have in-network status with NYSHIP, United Health Care (UHC), and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). We’re also able to submit to other insurance companies (Aetna, Cigna, etc.) when out-of-network benefits are enabled. Please email ( a photo of the front and back of your insurance card, include your full name and date of birth, and we can verify the details of your insurance benefits.

We work hard to provide each patient with effective acupuncture in a safe and comfortable environment, but we’re not perfect! Please email concerns and/or inquires to We are capable, and more than willing, to do better!

GenWell Rates for Acupuncture & Therapeutic Cupping:

New Patient Appointment (~90 minutes) $175
Follow-Up Appointment (~45-60 minutes) $125
Cupping Therapy (60 minutes) $125

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