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Community Acupuncture
Saturday’s 10am-7pm
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Effectively Manage Pain With Acupuncture
Our facility utilizes the latest advancements in acupuncture pain protocols.
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Treating the body as an integrated, whole system is the foundation of our Simply Feel Better motto.
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A Harvard studied technique to reduce systemic cortisol levels.
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Simply feel Better

GenWell Acupuncture is located in Northern Westchester, New York, in the charming hamlet of Somers.  Our acupuncture practice prides itself on delivering dependable healthcare in a safe and relaxing environment. We effectively treat a myriad of health issues with specialties in Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) acupuncture for headaches, migraines, stress reduction, depression, anxiety and more; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture for systemic balancing based on channel theory, and neurofunctional, or contemporary medical acupuncture, an advanced system developed by orthopedists for treating musculoskeletal, joint, and nerve pain.

Acupuncture is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) as an efficacious treatment for many health problems including:  acute & chronic pain, neurological disorders, respiratory disorders, urinary & reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, addictions, eye & ear disorders, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Our ability to facilitate whole-body healing is measured by our commitment to thoroughly analyzing each patient, their experience with symptoms, and carefully considering and addressing all possible origins.  We strive to provide the best acupuncture treatments available.

Acupuncture Treatment


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Neurofunctional / Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Cupping Treatment


My experience with Tara at GenWell Acupuncture continues to be simply outstanding. I have been going to Tara for over a year and a half and her expertise, intuitiveness and compassion have been transformative. I came seeking relief from chronic pain and stress, and the results have surpassed my expectations. Tara’s skillful treatments coupled with the tranquil atmosphere have fostered experiences that have significantly improved my physical, mental and emotional well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone seeking acupuncture and holistic healing. Thank you, Tara, for your exceptional care.

-Denise R.


From day one we set out to help people live better lives.  Acupuncture, an ancient medicine brought into the modern fold, is a therapy for everyone, a treatment which effectively addresses specific symptoms, while simultaneously nurturing the whole body.  Our mission for every person is to simply feel better.

Our vision is to further the advancement of acupuncture by mainstreaming it as a legitimate, evidence-based alternative to more conventional treatments. We serve our local community as well as the surrounding areas of Katonah, Bedford, Yorktown, Carmel, Brewster, Mahopac, Pound Ridge, North Salem, South Salem, and many more.

Our concept is inclusive! As more and more medical professionals realize the benefits of acupuncture, we find ourselves uniting to realize maximum results. Who benefits? Our patients of course. Again, our vision is to help you, simply feel better!

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