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What people are saying

What people are saying

E.H. – July 7, 2015

Lower back pain Every Morning.
For as long as I can remember, I would wake up every morning with lower back pain. After reading about acupuncture I decided to schedule a visit with Tara. She discovered an old injury that never healed properly which was never detected by medical doctors. After a few sessions with Tara my mornings were pain free. Tara's detailed interview & study of my body and habits provided her with the proper information to heal my body. I am truly thankful for her expertise.


Alan G. – June 3, 2015

Joint & Muscular Pain.
I have a torn meniscus and also am prone to muscular stiffness and cramps. Tara has been a great help with these problems. My pain has been reduced and I feel generally better since I began her treatments. She is a warm and caring health care provider whom I now consider one of my trusted health consultants.


V.P. – May 28, 2015

Better quality of life.
I have a very fragile and difficult back that is hard to treat even post-spinal fusion. Acupuncture affords me the weekly stability and relief I need to function in all my many and varied activities. Tara Almquist is highly skilled, knowledgeable, smart and an all around warm, lovely human being with a great sense of humor! I giver her and her work my highest recommendation!

Judy R. – July 2, 2015

Neck Pain, Whole Inner Soul Defective
I went to Tara when I was in real bad shape, had a concussion, severe neck pain & my soul was just undone. I also had terrible anxiety from the concussion. She helped me with my neck pain & changed my life as far as helping me to channel my spirit from within & find all the love in my soul for myself. She treats your body as whole not just one part of the body that hurts. I adore her & want her in my life always.



N.R. – July 25, 2015

I highly recommend GenWell Acupuncture.
I have been going for several months now. I have multiple issues and not only has the acupuncture been very beneficial but the treatments themselves are deeply relaxing and restorative. Tara is extremely knowledgeable and professional. A big 5 stars for me!!

Erik T. – Oct 7, 2015

Great service.
I have been going to Tara for almost a year now. She is a great woman and knowledgeable! I always feel better when I leave her office. She is flexible and always willing to talk to you to give you helpful advice. I think you need to give her a try.